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Woman Finds her Missing Cat after 8 Months and 1 Phoned ‘Meow’

Woman Reunites with Cat Missing for Eight Months after She Recognizes Meow over Phone
If you truly know your cat, you might know the sound of its voice…  Like:  “You had me at ‘meow.’
Rachael Lawrence of the UK said her family was devastated, when their cat, Barnaby, vanished, eight months ago.
But Lawrence was in for a big surprise, when she called her vet, to check on her other pet cat, Barnaby’s buddy…  She heard the sound of yet another cat, meowing in the background.  She asked the staff about it, and they told her it was a stray, who had been brought in, the week before.
Lawrence says the sound of the meows haunted her for hours…  So she called back, and asked if the stray was black, and had a patch on one of its back feet—and they told her yes.
She went to see the feline, and says she knew it was Barnaby, as soon as he was brought into the room – where she cried happy tears.  She says he lost some weight during his disappearance.  But he seemed to be in good shape; and they’re excited to bring him back home.

Feelin’ good about this feline news and meows?  Look here:  (


  • A woman in the UK says one of her cats had been missing for eight months when she called the vet to check on her other cat, who was having a procedure, and in the background, she heard a familiar meow
  • She asked about the appearance of the meowing cat, and realized it was likely her missing cat – which was confirmed when she went back to the vet

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