Wine Makers Ripping Out Vineyards Because of THIS Trend
These are some of the best-known places you think of, when you think of the best wines.  But, for how long?
Some grape growers in Australia, California, and France are destroying their own vines – because the demand for wine has decreased.

Like the others, south Australian grower Tony Townsend is pulling up his 34-acre vineyard.

I enjoyed being in the wine industry, but it was just economically unviable to continue this way,” he said.  In Australia, the amount of extra wine equaled two years of production.

Last year, the French government said it would spend $216 million to destroy excess wine.  Wine consumption rose in the ’90’s.  But it has been declining over the past decade.  So, vintners are switching to other farming efforts.

They’re not “wining” anymore, and they’re not whining about it…  just moving on.

Fruit for thought:  Gen Z, in particular, has moved toward other cocktails, many of them non-alcoholic.

(Sip a little more, here:  Business Insider)

Do you drink less wine, now, than you used to?  Or was it never really your thing?  

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