Which Business Make More Due to Daylight Saving Time?
Now that we’ve changed the clocks to “Spring ahead,” some of us will find it harder to get ready for work for awhile…  But some of us will be darned glad to do it.  Some businesses, like golf courses, make big bucks from the extra sunlight.

William Willet argued for Daylight Savings Time, in the 1900s, because he wanted more daytime to play golf, and the golfing industry is a longtime supporter of the concept.

In fact, in the 1980s, lobbyists estimated that the golfing industry would make $200 million more, if we extended Daylight Savings Time, by one month.

From an economic standpoint, golf on a national level creates almost $70 billion a year in economic impact,” Steve Mona, former CEO of the World Golf Foundation, said.

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What will you do with your extra hour of sunlight?

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