What is the Ugliest Car you have ever seen?

I’m a car/truck guy. I have loved them from an early age; but I do have to admit:  Car manufactures have made some very ugly cars. Take the Chevy SSR (stands for Sport Roadster) not a super, sporty roadster and… well ugly. I believe the Pontiac Aztek is the reason for the demise of Pontiac. Ford tried to kill the Mustang with the Mustang II, or as I see it a Pinto with different badges. If you like the “Classics” what were they thinking with the AMC Pacer or GM‘s 82 Cadillac Cimarron? Let’s be honest that was NOT a Cadillac, and nearly ended the brand, forever. Do not get me started on the Chrysler PT Cruiser…  If I have offended your favorite car or truck, I’m sorry.  Every car has it’s fans.  But I hope the auto makers have learned their lessons.

If I missed one (and I’m sure I have), let me know.

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