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What If Your Partner Became Your ‘FWB’?

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More Couples Trying or Enjoying Open Relationships – Because They’re ‘Bored with Each Other’
A sex therapist claims that open relationships have soared in popularity since the pandemic.
Dr. Tammy Nelson says she has witnessed a 45-percent leap in inquiries about open relationships; and has been discussing the topic with many sets of partners, in recent months.
She says it’s fueled by romantic burnout – caused by spending too much time together during lockdown.  So, couples are making “friends with benefits,” sometimes together, mostly individually.
Sounds twisted?  Well, here’s a real twist:  She adds that, while men are usually the ones who suggest more sexual freedom, it’s usually women who end up wanting to continue it.
Explore more, here:  (NYPostThe Sun)

  • A sex therapist claims she’s had a significant increase in couples asking her about open relationships since the pandemic began, and she attributes it to couples spending too much time together during lockdown
  • She also says that usually men bring the idea to the table, and then women are the ones that want to continue doing it after a while, when the men would rather stop seeing other people

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