We Are the Reigning 8-Year Champions!  …When It Comes to RATS
THIS City Has the Most Rats…  And It’s Not New York

Apparently, New York City is not the rattiest city in the United States.  It’s us!  We win…?

According to an Orkin survey, the honor goes to Chicago.  Again.

Chicago has actually topped the list for eight years in a row.  New York comes in second, and Los Angeles is third.  So, who’s “Second City,” now?!  Oh boy.

Can’t stand rats?  Try Burlington, Vermont or Orlando, Florida, instead.

Orkin says the “influx of outdoor dining structures brought on by the pandemic” might be causing rat populations to grow, as they now have a fantastic place to dine.  And it’s not just back by the dumpster.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has vowed to demolish abandoned outdoor dining areas.

Chase after more, here:  (NY Post)


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