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Watch behind the scenes on Kenny Chesneys new video for Knowing You

Kenny Chesney shares a behind the scenes story of the making of his music video for “Knowing You” and how the film crew went above and beyond the call of duty.

“Filming the ‘Knowing You’ video we were in a lot of different environments. One of my favorite environments was being on that fishing boat in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in New England. Now, there were some people in the film crew that hadn’t necessarily been on the water as much as I had. Now when we got out of Gloucester Harbor and we went about an hour or 45 minutes out into the grey Atlantic Ocean…it was really rough out there for a good while, and I could just see it, in some of the film crew’s faces that they were fighting nausea really bad and getting seasick. Once you get to that place out there on the boat there’s no turning back. I’m not saying that was my favorite moment, cause it wasn’t…but it’s a moment that sticks out a lot. And watching overcome their nausea to try to film a great video…and that’s what they did. I was very appreciative…but that’s something that definitely stands out in shooting this film.”


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