Wanna Know What We Actually Pay Monthly for Streaming?

U.S. Consumers Pay Average of $61 per Month for Video Streaming Services

The 18th annual Digital Media Trends report by Deloitte reveals that the average American household spends $61 per month, on four streaming services.  That’s up 27-percent from last year.

The survey indicates that 36-percent of consumers feel the content available on streaming services is not worth the price, with 48-percent willing to cancel, if prices increase by $5.

Churn rates remain high, at 40-percent.  But consumers seek personalized experiences and easier content discovery.

Gen Z and Millennials rely more on social media for content recommendations.

And diverse representation in entertainment is important to many consumers.

The report also highlights preference for human-created content versus generative AI and the influence of social media on entertainment consumption habits.

How many streaming services do you have?

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