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This Mother’s Day, Get her a KFC Nugget Bouquet – ‘Buckquet’ – or Not

If your mom is difficult to shop for, you may want to consider a bouquet of fried chicken.  But it’s not just a bucket.

It’s a “Buckquet.”

KFC offers you the chance to order the Kentucky Fried Buckquet – a customizable arrangement.

It is half flowers, half fried chicken.  And it’s DIY.

Them is only available to customers who order a Sides Lovers Meal through the KFC app from May 1 to 3.

After your food order, you will receive a promo code from partner ProFlowers for 12 roses, a vase, a card, and skewers to hang chicken from.  So, see this picture?  Now imagine stabbing sticks of chicken into it, yourself.

Be honest- would you or your mom want this?  What is the weirdest Mother’s Day gift you have given?

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