The most popular way to cook a steak in 2020 is well done on a grill, according to a new poll.  Medium-well is a close second, and medium is third.


If you leave the steaks on the grill too long this weekend, don’t worry.  You might not get many complaints.  Because the most popular way to cook a steak in 2020 is . . . well done.

21% of Americans prefer their steak well done, according to a new poll.  Medium-well is next with 20% of the vote.  Then medium at 16%.  Here are five more quick stats from the survey . . .

1.  Three out of 10 people are planning to attend a cookout this weekend.  We do it six times a summer, on average.  And July 4th is the most popular day for it.

2.  57% of us think steak tastes better on a grill than in a pan or in a smoker.  And 60% feel confident in our ability to cook a good steak.

3.  The T-bone is our favorite cut, followed by porterhouse, ribeye, and filet mignon.

4.  43% of us think plain old salt and pepper are the best seasonings for steak.  But 44% also like to use a marinade.

5.  Our favorite side, when we’re eating a steak, is a baked potato.

See the full story, here:  Fox News

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