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‘The FlyLady Cleaning Method’ Is Huge on TikTok.  So, What Is It?

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‘The Flylady Cleaning Method’ Is Huge on TikTok.  So, What Is It?  

TikTok is all over a new way to clean your home:  The FlyLady cleaning method.

It was created by Marla Cilley in the 1990’s.  But it’s reached new audiences on the video-sharing app – with the hashtag #flyladymethod – and it has gotten more than 64 million views.

Rosa Picosa (@rosapicosa) has spread the word about the cleaning method on the app.  The method has gained recent attention specifically for its systematic division of the house (called “zones”) and cleaning time limits.

Cilley writes on her website, “All I ask is 15 minutes a day.  Set a timer and just do a little every day.  You will see a difference in a week’s time…  It didn’t get dirty in a day and it is not going to get clean overnight.”

There are 5 zones:

Zone 1:  Clean entrance, front porch and dining room during the first week of the month, which may only be a few days,

Zone 2: Clean kitchen during the first full week of the month,

Zone 3:  Main bathroom and one other room in the house (such as a child’s room, extra room, office, craft room or utility room) during the second full week of the month,

Zone 4:  Master bedroom (including closets and bathroom) during the third full week of the month,

Zone 5:  Living room is the fifth week of the month and usually lasts only a few days/ rolls into zone 1 time frame.

The overall goal is to only spend 15 minutes a day working on your zone for that week.

This can be great for families (or roommates?), to assign zones, or rotate them.

See more, here:  (Yahoo)

  • The FlyLady cleaning method was developed in the ‘90s, but it’s been getting a lot of attention on TikTok lately
  • The method basically breaks the home into sections and then has you clean each second for 15 minutes a day within weekly zones

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