Taylor Swift’s Accent Has Changed in Many Ways, According to Academics

Where you live, the work you do, the people you’re around most often:  These all influence the way you express yourself.

Academics at the University of Chester have analyzed how Taylor Swift‘s accent has evolved throughout her career, particularly noting a shift from a southern to a more northern USA tone, as she transitioned from country to pop music.  And, let’s not forget that she has lived in both Tennessee and Rhode Island.

But, according to Dr. Helen West and Esther Humphries, Swift’s accent changes were a result of the musical genres she performed in.  The researchers presented their findings at the Swiftposium academic conference, at the University of Melbourne.  They suggest that Swift’s accent changes may reflect a form of bilingualism, and carry social meaning, related to her immersion in the Nashville speech community.

The study highlights the complexity of Swift’s vocal stylization, and its connection to her music and personal background.  It may be why she reaches so many people, the way she does.

Do you think Taylor’s accent has changed since becoming a pop star?

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