‘Stoptober’ v Oktoberfest – Check Out the Pros and Cons
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What Are the Pros And Cons of “Stoptober”?

While much of the world celebrates “Oktoberfest,” are you thinking of giving up booze during “Stoptober“?

While it might be hard to think of giving up beer in the fall, in particular, quitting alcohol for a month can lower blood pressure, improve liver function, and reduce the risk of diabetes.

However, it might not address the root cause or mental health aspects of drinking.

When you simply remove alcohol the thoughts and emotions you were numbing out from, come rushing to the surface,” alcohol coach Sandra Barker said.  “This feels very uncomfortable.  It reinforces the belief that life is miserable without alcohol.”

Barker encourages reducing alcohol intake year-round over abstaining for one month.

There’s more, here:  (The Sun)


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