Sellout Success for Parker McCollum’s Signature Edition Fan Club NFT

If you won tickets to see Parker McCollum with us, at Joe’s Live, then you know how special it was, to get into those sold-out shows.  Now, he’s done it again, in a big way.  McCollum’s Gold Chain Cowboy Black Card:  Signature Edition NFT was a major success.

For their $100 investment, fans received a 12-month membership to the club, VIP access to future events, secret airdrops into their Parker McCollum MusicFX Collection, and opportunities for meet and greet passes at his shows and events.

This was’s first initiative as well as McCollum’s first NFT offering:  “I’m just blown away by this,” said Parker.  “Seeing the love and support from my fans is just awesome.  I want to thank all of you who joined up today, we’re going to have some amazing times together.

Do you understand NFTs?  They’re based on crypto-currency, like BitCoin, rather than legally recognized currency, like the U.S. dollar.  

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