With her new video for “Does He Love You” out now, Reba McEntire is sharing a secret from the first one – which made it to number one – back in 1993.

Reba currently is singing the duet with Dolly Parton on her Revived Remixed Revisited – her new box set, but it was 3 decades ago that Reba was singing the track with Linda Davis…  And it came with a very memorable music video, to go along with the number-1 song.

Reba’s sharing a video-making secret from the shoot:  Some of the fashion and hair style choices in the video were made for a very specific reason.

Well, before we shot the video, I had to have surgery on my forehead, because I had a basal cell carcinoma on my forehead.  So, to get my schedule lined up with a plastic surgeon and my dermatologist was a miracle, but it happened to be real close to the filming of the ‘Does He Love You’ video.  So, if you’ll watch it, you’ll see that Sandi Spika had draped my head with hair which usually goes the other way, hair or scarves, because I huge band-aid on my forehead.”

Bossman has the new video posted, from Reba and Dolly.

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