Reba McEntire Opens Up about Why She Passed on Coaching for ‘The Voice’

Reba McEntire recently shared that she once passed on being a coach on The Voice – and revealed if she ever will be on the show.

Reba said, “I got [a look at] the Holland version of The Voice, They sent it to me, and I said, ‘I can’t see me doing that.’

She continued about the time commitment and where she has to be located, to be a part of the show, “Because, you know, I’m a gypsy at heart.”

She clarified whether she would change her mind, now that Blake Shelton is leaving:  “Who could fill Blake’s shoes?  To fill Blake’s chair?  Wow.  That’s gonna be tough.  He did a great job, and kudos to him.”

INTERESTING TO NOTE:  Recently, Dolly Parton revealed why she has passed on several invitations to become a reality TV music judge.  She’s creating her own network…  with her own version of the show.  Will we see Reba, there?

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