Reba McEntire and Melissa Peterman Reunite for New Comedy

Reba’s getting the funny band back together.  And if you ever saw the TV show Alice, this rings a bell.

Melissa Peterman will star alongside Reba McEntire, in a new multi-camera NBC comedy.  It will be set in a restaurant.  McEntire is the executive producer.

The show is about how Reba’s character inherits her father’s restaurant, and gets forced to work with her half-sister, as a business partner…  She’s played by Belissa Escobedo.  The cast also includes Pablo Castel-Blanco (Alaska Daily), Tokala Black Elk (Yellowstone), and Rex Linn (who is Reba’s real-life partner, and has starred in the ABC drama, Big Sky, with her).

Peterman and McEntire are lifelong friends, since their work on “Reba,” McEntire’s previous, successful TV sitcom.  The two of them co-host “The Living & Learning with Reba McEntire” podcast.

They’ve have had the opportunity to collaborate on screen, since McEntire has made sporadic appearances on Young Sheldon, for which Peterman plays the recurrent character of Brenda Sparks.

The sitcom marks McEntire’s return to TV after NBC’s The Voice, ABC’s Big Sky, and Reba.

It is the first pilot order for the 2024 broadcast season.

Peterman expressed excitement about working with McEntire again, and praised her for joining The Voice, as a coach.

Are you excited?

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