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Put the Phone Down. Young Women on Too Much Social Media Want Surgical Changes…

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…and they aren’t even finished fully developing, yet (somewhere around 25…  but really, ever?).  
Study:  Young Women Who Spend Hours Scrolling Through Instagram Are More Likely to Want Cosmetic Surgery than Those Who Shun Social Media

Time to put the phone down.  A new study finds young women are more likely to want to undergo cosmetic surgery, if they spend hours scrolling through Instagram.

University of Surrey researchers found that, among women ages 19 to 32, exposure to sexualized imagery from Instagram tended to increase their levels of body dissatisfaction.

Study leader and social psychologist Francesca Guizzo adds, “Given Instagram’s popularity as one of the world’s most popular social media platforms and the increasing prevalence of cosmetic procedures, these findings are of particular interest. More needs to be done to counteract body negativity; actions such as spreading body positivity messaging may work to improve female body satisfaction.”

Face more facts, here:  (Daily Mail)

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