Prepare to Be Horrified — TikToker Reveals Why You Should Vacuum your Mattress

Yet another new TikTok video has gone viral – after it shows just how much dirt is on, and inside, your mattress and pillows.

The video shows a special vacuum, made specifically for cleaning your mattress and pillows…  And you’ll be horrified by just how much dirt, dust, and other unsightly gunk can be extracted.

Think about it:  Tiny dead skin cells, microscopic bugs, residue from lotion, water or other liquid…

Plus, if you let your cat or dog sleep in your bed, you can exponentially multiply the skin, fur, drool, farts (which carry microscopic fecal matter)…

It’s not clear, yet, whether this is a subtle advertisement for a new product – a “special vacuum.”

So when you strip the sheets, pillowcases and mattress pad for washing, get the hand-vac.

The video has garnered over 260,000 likes and shared over 19 thousand times.

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