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Our Top New Year’s Resolutions: Getting in Shape, Saving Money, and Becoming Optimistic

The first major survey on New Year’s resolutions just hit.  The top five are improving overall health . . . saving money . . . learning to be more optimistic . . . getting in better shape physically AND MENTALLY . . . and becoming better with your budget.  #LiveSmarterNotHarder


This list might land a little differently after the WORST YEAR EVER.  The first major poll on New Year’s resolutions just hit.  Here are the top ten resolutions we’re already planning for 2021 . . .

1.  Improve overall health (mental & physical) and wellness.

2.  Save money for future expenses.

3.  Gain a more positive outlook, in general.

4.  Get in better shape and lose weight (more folks are considering cosmetic procedures, this year).

5.  Become better about budgeting.

6.  Create one, new, good habit.

7.  Spend more time with family.

8.  Improve relationship with your family.

9.  Learn a new skill.

10.  Improve relationship with your significant other.

A few more, which just missed the top ten, include:  paying down debt . . . reading more . . . traveling more . . . and spending less screen time.

Look ahead, for more, here.  (Study Finds)  



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