Need That Afternoon Coffee Boost But Don’t Want to Lose Sleep?  Do This

Study:  Scientists Discover Trick to Afternoon Coffee

Feeling the afternoon slump, but worried about drinking coffee late in the day?  Scientists have discovered a way to have that midday cup of Joe, without disturbing your sleep, that night.

University of Sydney scientists tested decaf on 61 coffee lovers, and they found a reduction of withdrawal symptoms…  meaning they experienced a placebo effect.  They felt like they got the caffeine-boost, without actually getting it.

What’s even more interesting is that, even when participants knew they were drinking decaf, they still experienced the placebo effect.  “Decaf could help someone who’s trying to cut back their caffeine intake to temporarily ride out the worst of the cravings and help them stay caffeine-free,” Dr. Llewellyn Mills said.

This research could also open the door to experimenting with placebo effects and other addictive substances.

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