Musician Hunter Hayes on the Cost of Fame and Anxiety:  ‘I’m My Hardest Critic’

As he shot to stardom in 2011 and 2012, Hunter Hayes became a crossover sensation, with catchy songs like, “Storm Warning” and “Wanted.”

Ironically, there was no warning that fame would take a toll on his mental health.  But he’s found two important ways to ease the serious stress and keep himself strong.

In his first fully independent album (which just came out, on the 21st), “Red Sky,” Hayes explains the struggles he has faced.  “I’ve definitely had my moments of anxiety,” Hayes told Fox News Digital.

Hunter explained:  “…the biggest thing that I wanted to be open about on this project is this just sense of self.

Hayes says he now understands the process of growth, but can be, quote,“my hardest critic,” which he says, “can be really challenging for me.”

So how does Hunter deal?  He says he gives himself “grace,” and is a big fan of “acupuncture.”

Hunter brings his “Red Sky” tour to the Vic Theatre, Tuesday, May 30th.  Congratulations to everyone who’s won tickets with us, here at 98.3 WCCQ!

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