Maren Morris – Why She Gets ‘Heated’ About LGBTQ Issues:  ‘It Hits Closer to Home for Me’

In a new interview with GLAAD for #SpiritDay, Maren Morris spoke about how personal experiences drove her to support the LGBTQ community, and why motherhood has strengthened her devotion.

Morris, 32, was active in her Arlington, Texas, theater community as a child – and had many  LGBTQ people around her.  “It was just very normal,” she said, noting that her mother’s uncle “sadly, died in the early ’90s of AIDS.”  But she saw that they were all just regular people, with hopes and dreams and goals, and everyday concerns, just like anyone else.

The award-winning country singer-songwriter says conversations around the LGBTQ community were normal in her household.  Morris says learning from a young age, and having conversations which other southerners were not having, was important.  “I didn’t realize how important it actually was until I got into my 20s and kind of solidified my adulthood and started working in country music,” says Morris.

She and her husband, co-parent, and fellow country music singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd, feel strongly about openness and inclusion.

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