Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen are arguably the hottest artists and songwriters in Country music, today.

With Wallen’s 36-track “One Thing At A Time,” album playing in most people’s trucks and Luke Combs 14 consecutive number one hits…  it would be easy to say they’re the biggest moneymakers, right now.

And with the release of Comb’s “Growin’ Up,” it’s safe to say that fans are getting their fill of masculine country anthems.

During a recent interview, Combs was asked if he would ever consider collaborating with Wallen.

While Luke said that he and Wallen have discussed collaboration, he clarified that, there hasn’t been a song idea or submission for them which “they both like.”

But Combs was clear, “I don’t think it’s outta the question at all.  I think it would be awesome.”

Morgan Wallen CMA 2022
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