Luke Bryan’s Favorite Memory from his Wedding Day Is a ‘Goofy’ One

Luke Bryan just shared a “goofy” moment with People, which happened during his seaside wedding, back in 2006:

There’s a photo of Caroline and I walking down the beach, squeezing each other’s butts, that we love.  It’s our same personalities that we have today — just so goofy.”  The American Idol star shares, “Whenever we look at our wedding album, that one always makes us laugh — it was, and still is, pretty funny.  Great memory.”

Bryan almost didn’t make it down the aisle.  The singer says he threw his back out while he was windsurfing.  So he had to make a last-minute chiropractic appointment – and take a muscle relaxer – just to get down the aisle.

Oh boy.  That could have gone a lot worse.  LOL

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