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Luke Bryan Shares Hilarious Text from his Mom before Mothers Day

Celebrities Read Hilarious Texts from their Moms before Mother’s Day


Jimmy Kimmel got into the mother’s day spirit early with celebrities reading texts from their mothers.

Let’s just say some of them are interesting.

Luke Bryan’s mom asked if she could go to the spa where “they get all the hair and dry skin off your face,” she wrote, “I’ve never done this stuff except massage, sh_t!  I need to do some work on my butt,” Bryan assured the audience that she did not mean to refer to her actual butt, “It’s a Southern thing; trust me,” he smirked.  It’s kind of like “git my butt to the grocery store.”

Andy Cohen’s mother wrote, “Your show last night was disgusting. Playing poop games with Laura Linney is not entertaining! Get a hold of yourself.”

Ike Barinholtz’s mom wrote, “Saw you on Drew Barrymore show.  Adorable!  Getting ready for your dad’s colonoscopy tomorrow.”

Kristin Bell and her mother are big GOT fans but they can’t watch together; because they are in different time zones.  And before Bell watched the season 6 finale, her mother texted, “I can’t believe they killed Jon Snow!

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