Let’s Take a Mo-Ment:  Are You ‘Lucky’ or ‘Unlucky’ (Especially When It Comes to Droppings)?
One out of Four (25% of) Adults Have Stepped in Dog Poop, and…
How lucky are you?  A survey of 2,000 UK adults found that about 20% of respondents consider themselves unlucky… 
And 25% have stepped in dog poop.  Yes, droppings are part of this survey (?!).  But, 37% would let a bird poop on them because they consider it to be good luck.  Wait, what?!  Really?

45% of respondents reject the idea that bad luck comes in threes.

On average, adults experience 543 unlucky moments per year.

There certainly seems to be a fair amount of superstition still in us – especially when it comes to things like breaking mirrors, stepping over grates and under ladders,” says a Lottoland.co.uk spokesperson.

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