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KID NEWS: Your Brain Listens for THIS While You Sleep…

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Your Brain Listens for Unfamiliar Sounds While You Sleep 


It seems your brain is always working, even when you are asleep!

According to a new study, your mind continues to monitor your environment.  It, essentially, balances both your need to sleep, and your need to possibly wake up, at the same time.  It’s a survival mechanism.

One example is in the voices which surround you:  When you hear a familiar voice, your brain triggers a small reaction; but when an unfamiliar voice is heard, the brain wave associated with sensory disturbances becomes larger.  It’s kind of like a “hey, wake up, something’s different.

It’s nice to know you can count on your brain to protect you, even when you’re catching some Z’s.

  • A new study reports that your brain is on call even when you are sleeping, registering unfamiliar voices and triggering your mind to wake up
  • While brain waves respond to familiar voices as well, the reaction to unfamiliar voices is much stronger

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