Just to Catch a Break:  Parents Will Pretend to Do THIS
Parents Pretend To Sleep – Just to Get a Break
Have you ever pretended to sleep, to get a break from the kids?  Now, nobody’s ever gonna be the perfect parent or grandparent or guardian…  But this only sounds ok to me if the kids are older, don’t you think?  
According to a survey of 2,000 parents with school-age children, 34% of parents admit they have faked a snooze, and 40% have hid in the bathroom.  Again, might be understandable with teens LOL…  But it’s never good to leave little kids unattended.  Ever.  Just keep that one eye on ’em, squinting, you know?  

Parents also report that having an extra set of hands, like a grandparent, can help save the day.  Call in backup!

The poll, conducted on behalf of Family Dollar, also finds that childcare must-haves include snacks, toys, and arts and crafts supplies.  So, now we can see why they spent money to find this out.

The average parent spends 177 hours a year shopping in person for these products – and runs out, 54 times, each year.

When parents do run out, and try to get more, 28% go to the nearest store, and 26% use an alternative…  I’m betting that’s a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or the library…

There’s more, here:  (Study Finds)

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