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If You Talk to Your Pet, Does That Mean You’re Smart? Funny Thing…

If you talk to your best furry or feathered or fishy friend, a lot of folks will tell you that it means you’re smarter than average – because they’ve “seen experts report the results of surveys about it, on social media.”

But, it may only mean that those of us who do are only slightly smarter than, well, a slightly less smart person.  In other words, it may not be true.

That’s because most anthrozoologists agree that we ALL talk with our pets.  AND:  Their actual research reveals that anyone who says he or she does not, is likely lying.  LOL  Most folks would agree that we all try to communicate with our pets – and that our pets are generally able to communicate with us…  whether that’s by nudging a food bowl across the floor to your feet, or resting a paw on your foot, or with some other little message.  But saying we’re smart because we understand that is a lot like saying we’re smart because we also notice that the sun always rises in the east.  😉

Here is a great article from Dr. Hal Herzog, of ANIMALS AND US, for Psychology Today.

Does Talking to Your Pet Mean You’re Smarter?


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