Hosting Easter Dinner Is More Stressful Than Catching a Flight?
Are you celebrating Easter at your home?  A recent survey shows that, those of us who plan large dinners start shopping six days in advance.  So, the stress has already started.  But, just how stressful is it?  
Worth noting:  49% of those who were polled said that catching a plane was more stressful.
A survey now reveals that, of 2,000 U.S. adults who do celebrate the holiday, 78% believe that hosting a large dinner is stressful.  And 59% find Easter, itself, to be stressful.  But, really, every big dinner we host is no cake-walk.  

The average American has hosted five large dinners in the past 12 months.  Most commonly, these included a big life event, having a lot of family over, and having guests over.  It’s a lot of different stress-eggs to handle in your mental basket.

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Maura Myles


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