Here’s Why TikTok’s New “Bold Glamour” Filter Is Causing So Much Controversy

TikTok‘s new “Bold Glamour” filter is both evident and subtle—it modifies the user’s face in many cases…  But it is stunning, flawless and a little too realistic.

The #boldglamour hashtag has now garnered over 355 million views, and has been used in over 9 million videos.

Though it’s stunning, it’s now widely criticized, despite its popularity.  A lot of people are worried it will damage the user’s self-esteem.

Filters often pressure younger users to want plastic surgery, and the number proves it as the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has found that more Gen Z-ers are getting cosmetic surgery or injectables.  So, those procedures are not really about aging.

Many on TikTok now warn users that the filter should be used with caution – and that your natural skin and face are perfect.

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