Garth Brooks reveals he’ll release a duets album this year.  He won’t say much more, so, there are few details.  But fans are incredibly eager to hear more.

On Brooks’ weekly online chat show, Inside Studio G, he and his superstar wife, Trisha Yearwood, announced the album.

Here’s how:  Yearwood asked her husband, “Want to?”  Brooks quickly replied, “Well, I, of course, want to…but…“  Playing into it a bit, Trisha laughed and answered, “But?”  Garth dropped the innuendo and clarified, “There’s already a duet record coming out this year!

While fans thought Brooks was talking about a duets album with Yearwood, in a turn of events, Trisha said, “Maybe after that duets album, we can work on our duet album.”

It’s unclear what or who the duets album will include, but we’re getting a new Garth Brooks album, with guest singers who’ll likely be pretty big names.

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