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FRISKY FRIDAY FUN OR F-ed UP? Gen Z Singles Will Stamp You with Ink, If They Like You

A young female couple takes a selfie while they're out an evening walk in the city. The one taking the picture is kissing her partner's cheek.
Gen Z Singles Are Stamping Strangers’ Skin with their Names and Instagram Handles on Nights Out
Here’s a weird dating trend you likely never saw coming, and surprise:  It’s driven by TikTok. Women from the U.K. are posting videos, on TikTok, of themselves, as they unbox personalized stamps – which they then use to stamp their information onto the arms of potential love interests.
The stamps usually include information like the person’s name, number, and Instagram handle.
The idea is the stamps “brand” someone who catches your eye.
Those who love the method say it eliminates potentially awkward rejection that comes with approaching someone in a more traditional way.  Those who don’t say it’s just weird for someone to think he or she can walk right up to you and put ink on your skin.
One woman’s stamp, for example, says, “You’re fine, hit me up…Certified hot girl,” as well as her Snapchat and Instagram handles.

See more, here:  (Daily Mail)

  • Young, single adults in the U.K. are taking part in a new trend of getting their information printed on a stamp that they then use to “brand” someone they find attractive—the stamp usually features their name and their social media handles


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