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FRISKY FRIDAY FUN: Does Your Relationship Pass the 10-Question Love Test?

If you can happily answer these ten questions about your relationship, then you should consider lockin’ it down for life.  That’s because the experts, who’ve come up with these simple inquiries are DIVORCE LAWYERS.

They swear that these ten questions are the best ways they can think of, to avoid divorce.

  1.  Are you a good fit (broad question, but really think about it)?
  2.  Is your relationship grounded in friendship (have you had enough time to establish that)?
  3.  Do you try to see the best in each other?
  4.  Do you both have realistic expectations of each other?
  5.  Do you generally want or hope for the same things in life?   Kids or no kids, travel or none, same kind of home…
  6.  Can you safely raise issues with each other, handle them like grown-ups, talk them out?
  7.  Do you both keep things exciting?
  8.  Are you both committed to working through tough times (as a couple)?
  9.  Would you pull together in hard times (crisis in the family, school, office, town, etc.)?
  10.  Do you each have your own support group, so you don’t singularly rely on each other?

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