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FRISKY FRIDAY FUMES: Do You Wear a Special Scent? Almost No One Wants You to Wear More of It

We can still wear it – just NOT TOO MUCH of it.     🙂

Here’s a benefit of working from home:  You don’t have to deal with that one coworker – who wears WAY too much cologne – and stinks up the whole office.

A recent online poll asked 25,000 Americans if we think people who wear cologne and perfume use too much of it, too little, or the right amount.

And almost NO ONE wants you to wear more of it.

A full 50% said people wear too much in general . . . 27% said the right amount . . . 18% weren’t sure . . . and just 1 in 20 want you to dial it up, and wear even more.

So do you have a particular fragrance you consider to be your “signature scent”?  32% of Americans answered yes to that.

I have one I wear, because I just like it…  but never more than one little “puff” – at the back of my neck.  I like “fresh” scents, like linen or outdoors…  Maybe you like “spice” or “citrus” or “floral” …  “fruity” (citrus or such), “amber/exotic” or “outdoors” (woodsy/green/musk).  Some love the “foody” aromas, like vanilla or toffee…  

See the full story, here:  YouGov

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