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FRISKY FRIDAY FRONT: Here’s a New Way to Bust Your Partner for Cheating

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A woman on TikTok recently shared how she got back at her ex, when she knew he was cheating on her.

Natalie, who posts on @naytaleeuh, explains in her post, “W(ell) I found out my ex cheated so I started a conversation about us having a family one day and suggested the girl’s name as a baby name.”

In the comments section she added, “He was like ‘uh yeah’ and then I said ‘I’d suggest a middle name too but you probably knew better right?’  He just cried and fake puked in the bathroom.”

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  • A woman recently took to TikTok to say she got back at her cheating ex by starting a conversation about them having a family together one day, and then suggesting “the girl’s name as a baby name”

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