FRISKY FRIDAY FRESH:  Here’s How Many Men Are Self-Conscious About Body Odor 
72% of Men Are Self-Conscious About Body Odor 

A poll of 2,000 millennial men reveals that three out of four (72%) of respondents think about how their body smells on any given day.

Just over half (52%) worry they have body odor that they’re not aware of.

About half (51%) are concerned that they don’t know how to smell better.

Men tend to worry about their armpits, neck, head and hair, arms, and hands.  48% of millennial men have even canceled plans, due to their body odor.

Men want to smell good, in particular, during the following (certainly for the Frisky):  sexual experiences with a new partner, during job interviews, and while on a first date.

Body odor originates from odor-causing bacteria at skin folds, so it’s important to fight odor where it starts,” Dr. Maiysha Jones of Old Spice said.

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How do you make sure you smell fresh, throughout the day?

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