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FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM: Would You Try an ‘Open Relationship’?

Waist photo of man and woman holding hands while sitting on a couch

Would You Be Interested in an Open Relationship?  A Huge Number of Americans Say Yes


A new survey asked 9,400 Americans how interested they’d be in an OPEN RELATIONSHIP – in which, quote, “you could date more than one person simultaneously.”

And 28% of Americans say they’d be interested, including about-one-in-seven, who’d be VERY interested.

13% of people say they’re not really interested . . . and only 52% have zero interest.  In other words, it’s basically a coin flip whether your partner is totally against it or not.

Men are much more likely than women, to say that they’re interested in an open relationship, 34% to 23%.

And people under 34 are WAY more interested than older adults.  Almost half of people under 34 are interested . . . versus 13% of people over 55.

Open here, for more:  (YouGov)

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