FRISKY FRIDAY FORESKIN-FAIL:  Pizza Hut Goes Viral for a ‘Circumcision’ Error

Bet this really got under their skin.  But not THAT skin.

A Pizza Hut in Ontario, Canada, has gone viral – for an unusual error of wording.

The store posted a sign saying its dining area would be closed due to “unforeseen circumcisions.”

Of course, the sign was supposed to read “unforeseen circumstances.”  You can just tell that auto-fill or auto-correct got someone in trouble, who either did not proofread or did not care that it was absolutely the wrong (though similar) word.

The photo circulated on X, formerly Twitter, with George Takei weighing in. “Typos are my worst enema!” he said.

The local Timmins and District Hospital Foundation commented with:  “Hey Timmins Pizza Hut … stick to Pizza, we’ll handle the circumcisions.

(Snip a little more, here:  UPI)

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