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FRISKY FRIDAY FLUB: Here’s Why Intimacy Makes Us More Likely to Spill Secrets

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Why Intimate Time Makes Us More Likely to Spill our Secrets

There’s a link between getting turned on, and wanting to spill your secrets.  But it can be a real turn-off, to realize you just did.

A 2017 study found that even looking at sexy stuff (simply engaging with erotic content), before even interacting with another person, is enough to make you leak your secrets.

Scientists say this likely happens due to a combination of emotional, psychological, and physiological factors…   And there are some specific things, that happen in the brain, which could help explain why.

Clinical sexologist Lucy Rowett says for one thing, the brain releases oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which aids in pair-bonding.  The release of neurochemicals dopamine and norepinephrine contribute to feeling euphoric, even giddy.

So, when you’re feeling good from all those hormones your guard drops.

In addition, for some people, emotional closeness can turn them on.  So, Dr. Sarah Melancon explains, “Sexual feelings may increase the desire to feel emotionally intimate with someone, which may manifest in secret-sharing.”

If you’re someone who tends to tell secrets to sexual partners, you may want to take time to consider why you’re doing so, as secret-sharing isn’t always a good thing.

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  • Researchers say some people are inclined to share secrets after having sex due to the flood of hormones that makes many drop their guard—but ultimately this behavior is likely due to a combination of emotional, psychological, and physiological factors

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