FRISKY FRIDAY FIRST DATE:  What Is the Best Thing to Do Together?
Are dinner dates too intense? 
Relationship experts Paul Brunson and Mel Schilling from “Married At First Sight UK” have a tip:  Go for a walk.

Walking with someone is a form of “parallel play“:  You can see how someone enjoys a walk without making physical contact.  Dinner dates, where two people look directly at one another, could subconsciously signal a confrontation or fight.

However, couples do not have this problem, if they are walking side by side.

Some couples responded positively to the idea.  “My husband and I used to go on walks together when we were 16 and we’ve now been together for 21 years,” one replied.

Mine and my boyfriend’s first date was a walk and we ended up doing 30,000 steps because we couldn’t stop talking,” another said.

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