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FRISKY FRIDAY FARCE: A Construction Worker Dug a Secret Underground Tunnel to Have an Affair . . . But the Woman’s Husband Found It

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A construction worker in Mexico was having an affair with a married woman . . . and he dug a TUNNEL between their homes to make it easier.  It worked until the woman’s husband came home early, caught them in the act . . . and spotted the tunnel.


You might say that cheating will only dig you a big grave for your soul…

There’s a guy in Tijuana, Mexico, who’s only been identified by his first name, Alberto.  He’s a construction worker… and he’s been cheating on his wife, with a woman named Pamela – who was also married, to a guy named Jorge.

And to make their affair easier, Alberto put his construction experience to work . . . and dug an underground TUNNEL, between their homes.  We don’t know how long the tunnel was.  But, from a photo, it looks like he did a pretty professional job.

The tunnel worked for a while, until Jorge came home from work early, one day, and caught them in the act.  Jorge spotted the hole to the tunnel, which was usually hidden underneath his couch – but not this time, apparently –  and he followed it all the way to Alberto’s house.  Imagine all the nights he sat on that couch, right over the hole…

Alberto asked Jorge NOT to tell his wife.  But Jorge woke her up, to tell her, anyway.  Then the two guys got into a fistfight.

The cops came and separated them, but there’s no word if anyone’s facing charges.

See the real “cheat sheet,” here:  (Daily Mail)  

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