FRISKY FRIDAY FALL-OUT:  ‘Love Bombing’ – Here’s How It Gets You
Sexologist Reveals Why You’re Attracted to the “Bad Boy” or “Naughty Girl”  

Do you find yourself seeking partners who are “bad to the bone“?  Sexologist Ness Cooper suggests this could be because you’re initially tricked, by their false persona, and something called “love-bombing.”

Love-bombing” is when someone uses over-the-top displays of affection, and grand gestures, to win over your approval and love, early on…  But then the person can just as quickly change.

When we’re dating, we also use behavior we’ve learned from our parents…  So, if someone’s mother or father always seemed to ignore red flags in relationships, it’s possible that the child, now grown, will have learned to copy that behavior as an adult.

Pick a better partner, by asking yourself if you genuinely enjoy their company, and can be open and honest around him or her.

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