FRISKY FRIDAY FAIL-SAFE:  Relationship Coach Swears THIS Will Make Chores Equal, Love-Life Friskier
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Relationship Coach Offers “Genius” Way to “Make a Husband Do Chores”  
Relationship coach Tara Blair Ball – and her husband – have devised a chore plan, after their daughter was born in 2020…  to make sure each partner pulls their weight around the house.

Brian hated having the floors cluttered and mucky,” Tara explained.  “I was struggling with more of the mental tasks—like setting appointments.”

Now, after following what they call “the chore spreadsheet,” she says she’s more appreciative of everything her husband does.  The spreadsheet is color-coded.  It includes daily and weekly chores, like preparing meals, taking out the trash, and cleaning bathrooms.

An added bonus from the chore spreadsheet?  Tara says it’s improved their sex life!

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