One in Six Men Have Had a Relationship Fight About Facial Hair


Have you ever had a beard or mustache for a while, then shaved it off, and your significant other got ANGRY about it?  Or, have you decided to grow your facial hair, when your partner likes you clean-shaven?

A new poll for “No Shave November” finds that 1-out-of-6 men have had a relationship argument about facial hair.

They didn’t break it down into types of fights.  But it probably includes fights about NOT shaving, too.  And that five o’clock shadow moment, where you go in for a kiss and your face is sandpaper.  Here are a few more stats from the poll:

1.  11% of men, who are taking part in No Shave November, say their significant other is NOT thrilled about it, and can’t wait for December 1st.

2.  Are men with beards better with money?  48% of Americans say yes.  52% say no, clean-shaven men are.

3.  Is having a beard more expensive than shaving every day?  The poll found guys who are clean-shaven spend about $35, each month, on things like razors and shaving cream.  Men with facial hair spend about $49 on things like beard oil, or getting their beard trimmed.

4.  What other types of grooming or personal care are men doing in 2021?  12% routinely spend money on massages – 9% said manicures or pedicures – another 9% said facials – and 7% of men go in for an occasional waxing.

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One in six men have had a relationship fight about facial hair – like not shaving, so you’re too scruffy, or shaving your beard off ‘without asking’ your partner for permission, first.

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