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Finishing That TO-DO LIST… These 5 Things Get in Our Way.

A new survey, in PR Newswire, reveals these specific problems keep us from getting priority projects done, both at work and at home:

  1.  Politeness…  Trying to be helpful and accommodating to others, when we need to focus on our own work, and let others figure out theirs…  No need to be rude – just re-direct them.
  2. Fix-It Frenzy…  Jumping in, to fix too many new pop-up problems, when we need to stay dedicated to the bigger issue(s).
  3. Uncertainty…  Not really knowing which tasks we are, or are not, really expected or required to take on.
  4.  Demands…  If you work for a boss who makes impossible demands, you’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  5.  “No”…  If you just can’t say it, sometimes, you won’t safeguard your own progress toward a goal…  you’ll get railroaded or re-directed – seemingly by others – but you are letting it happen.

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