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Decorating For Christmas Early Is Good for You

A new study has found that decorating your home for Christmas can make you a happier person. The study found that decorating for Christmas can trigger pleasant childhood memories and makes people feel more social.
Psychotherapist Amy Morin told ABC News, “When you’re putting up decorations, you’re thinking of happier times, times with family and friends and family traditions you engaged in. Thinking of those happy memories stirs up happy feelings.”
She added that a dose of holiday nostalgia also encourages people to give and do good, which is a mood enhancer.
She said, “Altruism increases in the month of December and as people start to give more and donate more, it makes them happy. It makes people feel good so they want to start celebrating as early as possible.”
Meanwhile, a recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that decorating early can also help people interact more with their neighbors. Here’s the complete story from the NY POST.

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