Halloween may be over but Darius Rucker can testify to the fact that spooky happenings don’t just occur on October 31st.  He was in the process of renovating an historic mansion, in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.  It’s for his show on The Design Network called Rucker’s Reno earlier this year and, as he tells us, it’s quite possibly haunted.

“Oh, I slept in there a couple nights, and you could feel it. (laughs)  You could feel it.  You know it, but of course it is.  It was built in the 1700s.  The first night I was laying there, and I turned the TV off, and the TV goes into the ceiling.  I turned the TV off; and I was there for three minutes; and I could feel it.  It’s an old house and it starts creaking and everything, and I got up and put my shoes on and ran back outside to my other house. (laughs)”

All six episodes of Rucker’s Reno are available for viewing on tdn.tv.

Darius recently released “Ol’ Church Hymn,” featuring America’s Got Talent trio Chapel Hart.  He co-wrote the song for his upcoming album.


Here is the Rucker’s Reno trailer: https://tinyurl.com/y7s6hsm9

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