Cranberry Sauce:  Americans Are Divided on This, Too
 Cranberry Sauce:  Americans Are Divided on the Subject
Are you Team Canned or Team Homemade
When it comes to cranberry sauce, 46% of Americans are as passionate about their cranberry sauce prep as their favorite team. 
And:  21% of “team homemade cranberry sauce” would be willing to get a tattoo in honor of their sauce choice.  Ink?  Cranberry sauce tatt? ! 

The survey of 2,000 adults found that 83% don’t think it’s Thanksgiving, unless there’s cranberry sauce on the table.


When it comes to dating, 28% of cranberry sauce fans say it’s a red flag if someone doesn’t agree with their preparation preference.  Really?!  LOL

Interestingly, those who prefer homemade sauce get 18% more likes on OkCupid than those who do not.

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